Dont Be Afraid of the Bullets 9781628724455

In this debut memoir, the author provides vivid details… bringing readers into the heat of the conflicts, into the mosques-turned-hospitals filled with the wounded and dying, and into the sitting rooms where she interviewed some of the most important men in Yemen while they chewed khat leaves together…She placed herself in some sketchy situations in hopes of an interview, but her affection for the Yemeni people made her want to stay there and report what she saw to the world. Fortunately for readers, she’s taken those moments and shared them, offering a moving portrait of life as a war correspondent.”

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“I don’t think I would have stayed if I didn’t care about the story so much. I definitely felt fully, emotionally invested in the story. But I definitely also tried to remember that I am not part of this protest movement and I’m not on a certain side and it is not my revolution.”

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