Dont Be Afraid of the Bullets 9781628724455
“Laura’s candid account of her unplanned stint as a war reporter has the kind of detail that news stories leave out, like the hazards of riding a motor scooter through streets where there’s likely to be gunfire, or how to talk one’s way out of being kidnapped. You meet Laura’s circle of expat journalists, some still in Yemen, and witness Yemen’s Arab Spring of 2011 as it unfolds.” —A PRI’s The World’s top book of 2014

“[Laura Kasinof] provides vivid details of those years, bringing readers into the heat of the conflicts, into the mosques-turned-hospitals filled with the wounded and dying, and into the sitting rooms where she interviewed some of the most important men in Yemen . . . A moving portrait of life as a war correspondent. An action-packed account of the civil war in Yemen from a woman who experienced it firsthand.”
Kirkus Review

“[Kasinof] pulls the reader into her heady, complicated mix of emotions. . . . Her passion for the country still makes for a compelling tale.” —Publishers Weekly

“Kasinof’s book is an engaging read throughout and a moving tribute to the foreign journalists who risked their lives to report on the uprising, as well as the steadfastness of the Yemeni people who so bravely took to the streets demanding a better life.” —Washington Report on Middle East Affairs

“This is a beautifully written, highly personal account of a young journalist’s experience with revolution and war in Yemen. Kasinof offers a revealing portrait of the lives and work of a rising generation of young journalists at a time of urgent and perplexing changes. She weaves together their stories with a compelling account of Yemen’s ambiguous revolution as witnessed by one of the few Western journalists on the ground. It is a gripping, thought-provoking read about how the news is really produced in today’s turbulent Middle East.”
Marc Lynch, professor and director of the Institute for Middle East Studies, George Washington University