Selected published work

For South Sudan, It’s Not So Easy to Declare Independence From Arabic
Juba, South Sudan | Foreign Policy
Welcome to the Almost-Country of Abkhazia
Sokhumi, Abkhazia | Pacific Standard | Nov 2018 issue
In Uganda, Groups Offering Contraception and Family Planning Have Lost Millions in U.S. Aid Thanks to Trump’s Global Gag Rule
Gulu, Uganda | The Intercept
An ugly truth behind ‘ethical consumerism’
South Kivu, DRC | The World Post/Washington Post 

Ali Abdullah Saleh: Yemen’s Unrelenting Despot
POLITICO Magazine | Dec 2017 issue 
The Deep Roots of Yemen’s Famine
What It’s Like to Risk Death and Jail Time to Get an Illegal Abortion,
Lubumbashi, DRC | Vice
Sanaa’s Survivor: How Saleh Is Still Calling the Shots in Yemen
World Politics Review
The Secret Evangelicals at Planned Parenthood
The New Berliners
Berlin | Virginia Quarterly Review | Spring 2017 | citation, 2018 Ed Cunningham Award, Overseas Press Club
Refugees Paid One Euro an Hour by German Employment Program
Berlin | Coda

Yemen Isn’t Just a Proxy War Between Saudi Arabia and Iran
A New Home and a New Religion in Germany
Berlin | 
The Violence Was Once Mine

Inside the Fight to Unionize Lebanon’s Domestic Workers
Beirut & Addis Ababa | GOOD
Djibouti |
Why the World Missed Yemen’s Downward Spiral
Foreign Policy
Requiem for Yemen’s Revolution
Playing a Double Game in the Fight Against AQAP
Foreign Policy

A Bloody Conundrum Beckons As Yemen Slides Into Civil War
Newsweek Europe | Nov 2014 issue
Between Tradition and Modernity
Tbilisi | Guernica

Women, War, and PTSD
Washington Monthly | Nov/Dec 2013 issue

A Voice of Authority Emerges From the Opposition in Yemen, Taiz, Yemen – New York Times
In Yemen, New Leader Faces Threats in the South, Aden, Yemen – New York Times
Yemen’s Election Ensures Leader’s Exit, Sanaa, Yemen – New York Times 

Somalis Still Flood Yemen, Going From Worse to Bad, Aden, Yemen – New York Times
Ancient City Anchors Political Standoff in Yemen, Taiz, Yemen – New York Times
From Mosque to MASH Unit in Yemeni Crisis Zone, Sanaa, Yemen – New York Times 
After Generations of Making Do, Yemenis Take Their New Hardships in Stride, Sanaa, Yemen – New York Times 
U.S. Shifts to Seek Removal of Yemen’s Leader, an Ally, Sanaa, Yemen – New York Times 
Weakening Web of Tribal Support Softens Yemen Leader’s Grip, Sanaa, Yemen – New York Times 

Yemen diverted US counterrorism aid meant to tackle Al Qaeda, WikiLeaks reveals, Sanaa, Yemen – Christian Science Monitor
Yemen’s fishermen caught between Somali pirates and pirate huntersMukalla, Yemen – Christian Science Monitor 

Iraqis who worked for Army denied US entry, Cairo – San Francisco Chronicle